The Best Practice Executive Assessment Option

The Executive Assessment is a test administered by the GMAC. It was originally designed for admission to executive MBA programs but in recent years it’s become increasingly accepted by regular MBA programs.

Those who are planning to take a practice GMAT or the GRE have a lot of options. In contrast those who want to take practice Executive Assessments have very little in the way of serious resources available to them.

The only companies that offer a practice Executive Assessment are the GMAC, Beacon Community, and CAT Prep.

We reviewed each offering across five key criteria. Here is how each of them scored:


  Interface (Out of 10) Question Quality (Out of 10) Answer Explanations (Out of 10) Pricing (Out of 10) Overall (Out of 10) Total (Out of 50)
8 10 10 8 9 45
10 10 0 1 6 27
2 3 4 10 1 20

Beacon Community’s practice Executive Assessment was the clear winner. It provided excellent practice questions and an interface very similar to what assessment-takers will face on exam day. Beacon also offers two things that no one else does: detailed answer explanations and a free practice assessment. If you’re considering taking a practice Executive Assessment, you should take the one offered by Beacon.

You can read our full review for each practice Executive Assessment provider at the links below: