Why Executive MBA?

Mid-career professionals who intend to move from middle or upper management to the C-suite level of their company may wish to build on their education. They can turn to advanced courses of study—such as online Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) programs—to gain an executive edge in their careers.

Business experts agree that EMBA degrees are valuable for professionals with years of experience, as long as the degree program provides an adequate return on investment (ROI). Before starting any program, professionals need to determine whether it will provide value to their current role as well as the roles they may pursue in the future. For the amount of money and time that will need to be invested, the program should advance their skill set and make them more marketable. Programs that meet those criteria typically yield a high ROI and open up a wide array of opportunities.

Why Get an Executive MBA?

Some professionals are perfectly happy working in middle or upper management. Others have different plans, but lack certain key skills and executive knowledge that can elevate their careers to the next level. This is exactly where the benefits of an Executive MBA come into play.

EMBAs create new networking opportunities

EMBA students come from a diverse range of industries. In the current job market, experts suggest creating a varied network of relationships to increase career opportunities. An EMBA student will have numerous opportunities to network with fellow classmates, as well as with industry professionals they encounter at conferences and other events. One of the main benefits of the EMBA program is the ability to interact with executives and industry experts.

EMBAs offer new challenges and learning experiences

Anyone who has worked for several years in an industry, an EMBA is designed to help refine those leadership and management talents into expertise, as well as hone high-level business strategy.

Online EMBAs allow for flexibility

For busy professionals who have families and many outside interests, online EMBA programs allow for flexible learning environments. This means professionals can continue their career paths while studying and preparing for a new one.

Best way to get admission for an EMBA program

Executive MBA programs typically prefer that candidates take the Executive Assessment (EA). The EA is known for being an exam effective at testing the kinds of skills that aspiring students need to be effective in elite EMBA programs. Schools such as Chicago Booth, Wharton, and MIT Sloan all offer EMBA programs. You can check out our blog post here on test preparation resources.